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$3 Billion Dollar NorthConnex has just two lanes

October 30, 2020

Saturday will herald the start of the single biggest change to the Sydney road network since the Harbour Bridge. Finally, two nine-kilometre tunnels will be open, completely bypassing the goat track that is Pennant Hills Road.

Great For Locals

The dreaded Pennant Hills Road starts in the south via the Cumberland highway and ends in the North at the M1. For decades now it has long been a complete fiasco. Trucks that numbered in their thousands were blended in with local and tourist traffic. The road was so bad it was like a brickwall for locals who simply wanted to access shops on the eastern side.

Long Overdue

I grew up on the Central Coast, so the new project is mind-blowing for me. In 1989, the F3 as it was known then, finally reached all the way to Wahroonga. Prior to that motorists were dumped at Berowra joining the Pacific Highway. I remember my late father repeatedly blowing up about the fact three lanes of motorway can’t just be thrown on to a 60km/h or 70km/h local road.

He was right about that. If you piggybacked on the back of a sloth, you’d reach Sydney’s M2 quicker than any vehicle.

Paying The Price

I like many others will take on the new tunnels on Saturday, paying $7.99 each way for the privilege. Trucks are smashed via a $23.97 toll. If they dare venture onto the old goat track, an overhead gantry will capture them and send off a $194 tunnel dodging fee.


But aside from all of that, I just have one question. Why is it only two lanes each way? There’s a massive breakdown lane off to the side, which NorthConnex say can be converted to another lane if need be.

I’m pretty sure “if need be” is actually now. As a result, we will end up with Australia’s longest tunnels not having a decent break down lane.

Which is crazy.