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From Late June




Clean bins cheaper than a cuppa

March 30, 2021

Sometimes Facebook is actually useful. Recently I stumbled across what essentially is a subscription service that cleans your household bins. It’s called Pure Bins and I’m all in.


What is it all about?

This Pure Bins business mode is very simple, every three weeks they lob at your joint and sanitise your bins.

All you need to do is tell them what day your rubbish is carted away. They then come out and power-wash your bins into submission. You can select how many bins via a tailor made plan.



Why do I need this?

If you can, go outside now or set a reminder and look in your bin. There’s probably a good chance you have a stinking lake of bin juice down there, or worse. Think mould, maggots, bacteria and who knows what else!

I don’t think I’ve cleaned my council supplied bins for at least five years. I don’t think even HAZMAT would approach our bins

If the thing was in your house, you’d no doubt take a completely different view about its cleanliness.



How much and what’s the catch

There is no catch, trust me I tried very hard to find one. The only info they need is your address and the collection day.

No credit cards, locked in plans or contracts. Instead they simply invoice you every three weeks.

There are three plans. I’m paying for Plan A. That’s two bins washed out every three weeks for just $10.00 (GST inclusive).

Plan B costs $13.00 for three to four bins.

Plan C costs $17.00 for up to five bins.

It’s not just council bins either, they can clean any household bin you want.

Just repeating, that’s very three weeks. I think that’s remarkable pricing!




What chemicals do they use?

The Pure Bin website says they use no chemicals and an environmentally friendly sanitiser.

Even better, each vehicle has its own power and water supply. 


I’ll keep you posted

My bins were due to be detoxed last week. However, the flood crisis in Sydney put an end to that as we were basically cut off.

So standby for further news!