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Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Review

August 5, 2021
“The Nextbase 322GW is a great little camera with several handy features”

Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Review

by Chris Bowen | Marcus Paul In The Morning - Super Radio Network


Bowen's Report Card

Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Review

I’ve never been big on Dash Cams, although I’ve reviewed probably five to 10. The only drama I have with them is simple. I drive too many cars each week, swapping Dash Cams every single time would send me cuckoo. Yes, I know, that’s such a first world problem but it’s my reality. A little while ago I was sent a Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam for review, so let’s kick off another round of “Product for Comment”.



The Nextbase 322GW is a great little camera with several handy features. For starters it comes with an excellent suction cup, some others use permanent stick-on mounts. I guess you could call the Nextbase 322GW a “smart connected” Dash Cam. Via an app and GPS, an SOS call can be transmitted to emergency services if it deems, you’re unresponsive.

Many new cars have this feature, but most aren’t driving the latest and greatest vehicle.

I’ve probably watched 4000 videos via the popular Dash Cam Australia Facebook page. As a result, I can tell you this. There’s nothing worse than poor-quality video let alone no sound. Now while many disable the audio for privacy, sadly this means we often miss the unique Aussie spray, plus I guess tradies also don’t want to be caught head-banging to the Spice Girls during a prang.

Anyway, this device is capable of recording 1080p Full HD with a viewing angle of 140°. This model can make do with just a forward-facing camera, this suits me perfectly. Dual camera set ups usually use metres of bloody cables to connect to a rearward facing camera.

Other key features include:

  • 5″ touchscreen HD IPS Panel
  • Photo mode
  • Night vision
  • Loop recording – Supports Nextbase microSD cards up to 128GB 
  • G-force sensor
  • Auto start with vehicle
  • GPS
  • Parking mode
  • Connect through smartphone via Wi-Fi

2.5″ worth of touchscreen real estate may not sound big, but it is, especially when compared alongside other similarly priced cams.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will capture your “incident” and sync to your phone. Whether or not you want to watch that footage is a whole other story.

The MyNextbase Connect app is compatible with Android 5+ & IoS 12.1 or above.

Bowen’s Report Card

The Next base’s 322GW Dash Cam will set you back $279 RRP. You can also purchase a 32GB “Go Pack” for $59.00. It gives you a secure carry bag and high speed 32GB U3 microSD card. It’s a 85 out of 100 from me!

You can find the Nextbase range a Repco and JB HiFi.