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Uniden Guardian App Cam HOME+

December 2, 2021

Bowen's Report Card

Uniden Guardian App Cam HOME+


“I can’t really fault it to be honest, it’s a good entry level product”

From the street my home comes across at Fort Apache. The handful of prying smart cameras from different brands looks a tad sus. As does the endless flow of new cars though the garage. I can see how someone would deduce I’m either a drug dealer, car rebirther or both. My hobby for the Internet of Things (IoT) products is rather wild. However, the one place I don’t like a camera is inside, except when it comes to the garage. Cue the Uniden Guardian App Cam HOME+.

What They Say

With a new and contemporary design, the App Cam HOME+ can be placed in any room and is ideal for open plan living areas. Its 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt rotation provides greater flexibility and a wider viewing area. The App Cam Home + has 3 X Optical Zoom to zoom into more detail if needed when accessing the camera.

For peace of mind, the Guardian App Cam HOME+ operates with smart functionality that can use privacy masking to black out areas within the camera’s view that you do not want to be recorded. In addition it has an inbuilt siren alert trigger to deter unwanted visitors and night vision to view footage in low light as activity happens, with instant app push notifications and emails which can be set up according to preference.

By adding a micro-SD card, and with the benefit of the included seven days of free rolling cloud back up.

the Uniden App Cam HOME+ can provide dual backup and has no hidden, ongoing storage costs. The new App Cam HOME+ is compatible with Uniden’s newly released VR wired security systems.

What I Say

Aesthetically the App Cam Home+ looks like it would suit a retail space, or a train station. It’s not offensive to look at, I’m just not sure I’d want this white and black dome in the living room.

This is a very competitive space, generally I’m a Arlo man. The one thing a very expensive Arlo camera can’t do is tilt or pan. The Arlo Ultra 2 units offer a better picture, different view options, 4K and a spotlight. As they should, considering just one costs around $449, plus needs a seperate hub.

Uniden add the novelty of up to 355-degree coverage and 3 X Optical Zoom. All of which is controlled via the Uniden Solo app.

There’s also two-way chat and even an alarm.

What They Say

The App Cam HOME+ is easy to set up and simply plugs in to power, connecting to the dual band WiFi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) for a reliable and continuous connection. Record and view footage with exceptional clarity, securely accessed from anywhere in the world via the dedicated Uniden Solo app.

Multiple devices can be used throughout the home, upstairs and downstairs, and centrally viewed and controlled via a smart device.

Compatible with Hey Google and Alexa for effortless voice control, the indoor pan and tilt smart camera also offers two-way talk, enabling real-time conversations with family members and furry animal friends remotely at any time.

What I Say

The internet connection is the key here. A few months ago I flipped to Telstra from iiNet. I quickly determined that the telco’s Gen 2 modem and WiFi booster were rubbish.

That is hopeless at handling the crazy amount of devices I have. This is despite the fact we have NBN fibre to the premises (FTTP). Now I’m running the Netgear Orbi AX6000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 system. One router and a satellite solved all of my woes. In fact there’s fair chance my network is discoverable six suburbs away.

The camera has Google and Alexa compatibility,  although I just can’t really see myself ever using the feature.

Why Do I Need This?

This is a hard question to answer. For me this kind of tech is more of a hobby. In fact left me declare one thing, many of the cameras I have were once review products. Although I have parted with some serious cash still, I’m a chronic upgrader.

The fact remains this. Internet connected security cameras don’t offer an impenetrable whole of house security system.

Instead their mere presence is designed to ward off opportunistic type crime. You may be motivated to keep track on the teens or animals at home, or even something that goes bump in the night.

So, it’s more a case of understanding your needs and the capabilities of the product.

Key Features

What you get for $149.95 is very impressive.

  • 2.5K (5MP) Super HD
  • 3X optical zoom
  • 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt
  • Pre-motion recording
  • Privacy masking
  • Night vision
  • Smart intelligent alerts
  • Siren alert trigger
  • Dual-band WIF| – 2.4/5 GHZ
  • Free seven days rolling cloud backup
  • Push Notifications & Email Alert Function

What I Love

It’s kind of fun shifting the lens around via your smartphone. You can also plug it into mains power via the power cord. There’s no need to worry about batteries with the Guardian App Cam HOME+.

Bowen’s Report Card

The Uniden Guardian App Cam HOME+ is very good value. I’m still not one for placing such a device inside, although the privacy masking to divert its glare is comforting. I can’t really fault it to be honest, it’s a good entry level product. Uniden offer a two-year warranty and the 7-day lifetime free cloud recording. It’s a 79 out of 100 from me.