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What’s In Bowen’s Bag – CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger

October 11, 2020

I can’t recall the last time I had a flat battery, well I lie actually. We did run a Hyundai Ioniq electric car to flat once, but that’s a story for another day. The reason for this is the fact I drive new cars, every day. Leaving the headlights on, an internal light or simply a fed-up battery are scenarios I haven’t seen since the early 2000s, when I had a 1986 Toyota Corona and 1990 Audi 90. Both economic disasters, they put me into my own personal recession!

What Is It?

The brand CTEK has always been around on my radar, it develops battery solutions for a whole range of uses. Last week I failed to observe ‘Charge Your Car Day’ on October 5. As an aside I’m not sure if that’s a genuine thing, if it is well, I’ll be campaigning for a public holiday next year.

There are many areas impacted by COVID-19, but battery health had never crossed my mind. People are driving less, driving habits are fluctuating. You see, parking a car for lengthy periods is the enemy of any car battery. Like all the grounded planes, it’s not simply a matter of starting up and resuming normal programming as usual.

This is where CTEK comes to the rescue. My first thought was for our 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid, that is parked for very long periods. The CTEK MXS 5.0 suits fuel-powered, hybrid or electric vehicles.

Camry Hybrid 12 battery

Robert Briggs, CTEK’s Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing, says, “The humble car battery has been working hard for us for the past 100 years. Back in the ‘good old days’, all a car battery had to do was start the car. Today, the battery not only gets a car moving, but also powers all of the technology within your vehicle – from keyless entry, alarms and immobilisers, onboard computers and the air conditioning. And that’s just fuel-powered vehicles! When it comes to electric vehicles, the car battery is critical for every facet of the vehicle functioning.

 “It’s easy to forget how much hard work your car battery has to do day in, day out, so ‘Charge Your Car Day’ is a terrific opportunity to remind us all that we’ve got to look after it. Making sure your battery is charged and giving it a bit of additional TLC can extend its life, saving motorists time and money.”

Keeping the lights on in my Toyota Camry Hybrid

This product is a set and forget type product. All you need is a domestic power point and access to your cars 12V battery. Which by the way took some time finding mine, turns out mine is in the boot. There’s also another product that allows a connection for hard to reach batteries, It’s called the CTEK Eyelet M8. I recall trying to find the 12V battery on the Tesla Model 3, seriously it’s the ultimate hide and go seek champion. For the record it’s under some trim in the “frunk”.

The simple alligator clips connect to the usual black and red terminals. CTEK says the intelligent chargers can remain fixed to your vehicle indefinitely, maintaining battery health and life.

CTEK sent me some key points that all drivers should know.

  • Money saver: Battery failure is often reported as the number one5 cause for breakdowns around the world, and with a growing amount of sensitive electronic equipment added to today’s modern cars, this issue is on the rise. Utilising battery chargers can help you save time, battery costs, towing costs, repair costs, and the environment through regular battery maintenance
  • Regular charging: At least once a month while your car is parked in the garage, reach for your battery charger, connect it up and leave it do its work quickly, safely and efficiently. If you have an electric vehicle, it’s recommended you follow the ABC rule – Always Be Charging.
  • TLC: Caring for your battery after it’s charged is just as important as charging it in the first place. Today’s modern chargers will almost certainly have built-in maintenance and troubleshoot programs – most of them automatic – that will make sure your car battery has a healthy heart.
  • Temperature aware: Heat is the number one killer of car batteries. Motorists should be extra cautious in extreme temperatures, being sensitive to any vehicle changes such as the way your car starts, or the operation of the electrical system in general. Any changes can indicate a weak battery or problems in the electrical system.
  • Start smart: If you drain your battery, some motorists seek to solve the issue by using jumper leads, push- starting a manual car and going for a drive, or leaving the car idling. However, this won’t fully recharge a car’s battery, and could in fact create long-term damage. The most reliable way to restore your battery is to use a charger.

Briggs added: “A battery performs best when it’s in peak condition, and proper charging extends battery life significantly. Regular charging is a simple, quick process for car owners, and by reducing your possibility of breakdowns due to battery failure, you’re saving money. It’s also important to remember that if your battery fails, it could damage or compromise your vehicle’s electronics, potentially creating added cost burdens.

We hope this Charge Your Car Day helps motorists kick start a healthy car maintenance routine. When your battery is properly charged and running at peak performance, you can be confident that it won’t let you or your vehicle down, and you’ll have great peace of mind.”

The CTEK MXS 5.0 comes with five-year warranty and is currently available to purchase from Repco at $148. The Indicator EyeLED M8 is on sale at Repco right now for $15.00