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The new vehicle market in 2020 was a case of “Mayday” every month. However, May in 2021 has turned into payday with a record 100,809 new vehicle sales being recorded for the month. That’s a 68.3 per cent rise over the same month in 2020, you can blame COVID-19 for that.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Chief Executive Tony Weber said, “While we cannot be certain about the future economic impacts of the COVID-19 situation, businesses and households are showing their confidence by purchasing new vehicles.

“I expect this situation will continue to improve in the second half of this calendar year as confidence continues to grow, coupled with incentives such as the extension of the depreciation allowance for business which was announced in the Federal Budget during the month.

Car rentals are up 69.4 per cent while private sales leaped to 50.3 pec cent year year to date.

“The result also highlights the outstanding efforts by all parties in the supply chain in continuing to meet the demands of their of their customers in the face of ongoing challenges such as the shortage of microprocessors and shipping delays,” Mr Weber said.

So who is top of the pops?

Toyota once again lead with sales of 21,156. In its wake sits Mazda (10,554), Kia (7,124), Ford (6,493) and Mitsubishi (6,478).

Jostling at the top continues with the usual contenders. Pole position goes to the Toyota Hi-Lux  (4,402) followed by the Ford Ranger (4,254), Toyota RAV4 (4,014), Toyota LandCruiser (3,399) and the Isuzu Ute D-Max 3,058).

If this continues there should be over 1-million new vehicle sales by years end.