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Living with Bowen

More than a spin around the block, Chris Bowen spends real time with each car he reviews.
Here’s what’s in Bowen’s Garage (and spilling out onto the street) now. Reviews are continually updated.

Weekly reviews of
Australia’s latest new cars


With a glib and sometimes laconic attitude, but always friendly – Chris’ car reviews will always be fair and credible.  Chris understands that cars have never been so complex. With the inevitable electrification of vehicles, it’s nice to have simple, clear thoughts offered up for everyday people.  His delivery is earthy and full of his own lingo. You will rarely hear Chris talk about the nuts and bolts or engineering side of things.  News, talk and entertainment all bundled together is what he sets about to achieve each time he looks at a product. 

Who is Chris Bowen?

And why does he have so many cars?

Chris often asks himself the same question, ‘why do I have so many cars?’ Well, we know his neighbours ask. Known as ‘The Car-man’ it’s no mean feat being able to drive away with the newest of cars each week, just to play with them for a few hours and give his personal opinion. And all without a cape! Simply, Chris is trusted, and his opinion counts as truth. Chris offers a very unique presence in today’s motoring world. 

However, in actual fact he is simply evoking what advertising once was. Entertaining an audience is his number one driver.