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2020 Mazda 2 G15 Pure Sedan

August 15, 2020
Mazda 2

Bowen's Report Card

2020 Mazda 2 G15 Pure Sedan


Before I even start, if you must have a Mazda 2, but also a boot, the sedan is your only option. With 440-litres v 240-litres compared to the hatch variant. The entry level Mazda 2 G15 Pure sedan is an interesting one. Based on the Mazda 2 hatch platform, the sedan at first glance is a little uncoordinated when it comes to design. After all it is a face lifted car so other than new bumpers not a whole lot has changed.


This car being tested here is the G15 model. This means up front sits a petrol 1.5-litre four-cylinder. The up and go is thanks to 82kW at 6000rpm, 144Nm is there too from 4000rpm. But the fact of the matter is this, it’s as slow as a wet week.

The Drive

Now when you see those figures, you might be thinking gee-whiz this needs a boot full. It does, but at least the engine note is pretty nice.

Being a front-wheel drive you’d expect some torque steer, or the odd chirp from the lights. But overall it remains calm, in the face of adversity, that being my right foot. There’s nothing overly special about the six-speed automatic, it seems to be paired well with this car and goes about its duty trouble free.


On the road it’s my view that Mazda needs to rework the ride for our conditions. At present the ride is rather firm, on those tiny 15’’ alloys! Plus the rear-end feels disconnected to what the front-end is doing.

Value For Money

Fuel economy looks good on paper, with a claimed figure of 5.3L/100km, I pulled off a 7.0L/100kW. For a smallish car $20,990 before on roads is a big ask.

Safety / Technology

Car safety tech continues to blow my mind, especially on car like this, it has Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) that can pick a pedestrian but not a cyclist. Some key standard driver assist functions include, lane departure warning, blind spotlights in your mirrors and a reversing camera. All that is standard.

Bowen’s Report Card

This car is a solid alternative to a hatch. Especially because of the 60:40 rear seats that fold forward revealing a big boot. Mazda still rocks as an interior designer, but from the outside I think this sedan looks silly, from most angles. But it has great safety technology, good fuel economy and a ride that’s firm, but acceptable. It’s a 75 out of 100 from me.