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2021 Audi A4 allroad 40 TDI quattro review

November 23, 2021

Bowen's Report Card

2021 Audi A4 allroad 40 TDI quattro review


Do you desire a jacked up AWD track eating station wagon? I haven’t, not since the Holden Adventra back in the mid-2000s. Perhaps the Audi A4 allroad 40 TDI quattro can satisfy your lust. Let’s check it out.




Audi and other European brand’s nail diesel engines. The A4 allroad 40 TDI is almost an undercover oil-burner, it’s refined and barely noticeable unless you have the window down.

The 140kW/400Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel is a ripper. Audi has paired it with a 7-speed S tronic automatic, power can be sent to all four-wheels on demand. It gets along rather sweetly, especially when the torque arrives between 1,750 – 3,000 rpm. The 0 – 100km/h figure of 7.9 seconds is leisurely, but it’s the rolling acceleration that’s most important here.


The Drive

The brand’s meticulous approach to engineering pays off on every level. From build quality to handling you can be sure the A4 allroad is a clinical masterpiece.


Despite the allroad suspension and 172mm of clearance, I found it remained composed and well balanced at all speeds. It’s a typical Audi that catapults an average driver into a world of tech-laden road eating software.


Of course, there’s no way this thing will venture too far off the black stuff. I wouldn’t go near a beach or a 4×4 trail. The winding gravel country roads around your vineyard of choice is all the allroad is good for.


The quattro system is a great asset to have in the wet, it has an uncanny ability to corner like you’ve stolen it.

Comfort and technology

The vehicle tested here has a $2,900 “Assistant Plus” package. That scores you adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist. Many of these systems which are widespread now turn off or require you to turn it back on after stopping.


In bumper-to-bumper traffic there’s no need to touch the accelerator at all. However, I think it’s a tad too casual. Sure, it works but the driver behind you will eventually get out and attack you with a Club Lock.


When it comes to the autonomous side of things there’s also lane keep assist, pre-sense front (at all speeds) collision avoidance assists and even turn assist. The latter comes into play when turning right across oncoming traffic.


The key to all of the above is that the car will intervene. It will still play silly chimes and show you red alert graphics, but ultimately it will pull rank and save you.


The interior is yet to catch up with the very latest Audi’s but it’s still a great place to inhabit. Nice features such as a frameless review mirror, three-zone air-conditioning, sport front seats and leather appointed seats are just some of the highlights.


The floating 10.1-inch touchscreen is clear and precise and showcases Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s also a wireless (Qi) charging port in the centre console for smartphones but the iPhone 12 Pro Max I use didn’t fit, at least with the case on.


Value for money

This is a $69,900 wagon before you even get started. The as tested car we had in the garage had $1,350 19-inch alloy wheels, $1,531 “Daytona Grey” pear effect metallic paint and the aforementioned Assistance plus package at $2,900. All up we’re talking about a $75,681 before on-roads car.


Fuel economy is great at 5.2L/100km, I averaged 6.4L/100km. Audi still only offer a three-year unlimited kilometre warranty, you can extend that. However, it’s a bit rude considering  a sub-20K Kia Picanto can offer a seven-year kilometre warranty.

What I love

Its epic road hugging ability.


The Audi A4 allroad 40 TDI quattro is safe as a bank vault. In fact, it feels like diving a massive piece of granite around. If you still have a prang with all that technology, well perhaps you should hand your licence back!


Bowen’s report card

The Audi A4 allroad 40 TDI quattro has no competition. I don’t understand why you’d go for this but with all that said it’s an 80 out of 100 from me!