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2021 Toyota Yaris GR Rallye priced from $56,200

November 26, 2020

Toyota rarely causes mass hysteria when a new model arrives. That’s what happens when you have a record of producing whitegoods on wheels. However, before I create a rift between me and the good people at Toyota, let it be known: I’m a proud owner of a 2010 Toyota Camry hybrid. So with that in mind I’m here in Canberra to meet the 2021 Yaris GR.


The Joe Pesci of hot-hatches 

Being small usually means you should avoid the big guys. However if you’re small and a psychopath, well watch any movie with Pesci in it.  

This little firecracker produces 200kW/370Nm via a 1.6-litre turbo three-cylinder engine. The regular GR has the same outputs which can be delivered to all-four wheels if need be. To be a real hot-hatch you need a manual gearbox, thankfully the six-speed manual remains.

The hot shot Yaris will set you back $56,200 drive-away, although only for the first 200 who breakdown the doors at a dealership.

This special drive-away offer will expire when unit 201 is sold. The GR Yaris Rallye will then revert to $54,500 before on-roads. You will need to be a fan of white or “pearl white”, because all models sent here will be just that.

The extra coin introduces front and rear limited-slip differentials, bigger 18-inch aluminium wheels, front brake ducts, red brake callipers with GR logo, track orientated suspension tune and some red stitching here and there.

Customers will need to wait until March next year to score one of the first batch 200.

BTW My Camry is on sale. Hit me up!