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Genesis GV60 EV Revealed With Video Side Mirrors

August 19, 2021

There’s this thing called a “Crystal Sphere” I’m not even sure I know what it does”

Genesis GV60 radio review

by Chris Bowen | Marcs Paul in the Morning - Super Radio Network

The electric show rolls on! This time we turn to Genesis, the luxury badge owned by Hyundai. The new GV60 is the first EV in the range and features one major headline act, digital side mirrors. I s##t you not.


At this stage we only have a few photos to take a gander at. However, what is known is entry models produce 168kW, sent to the rear-wheels.

A mid-spec model offers AWD and a significant 293kW. There’s also a Performance model with a massive 321kW and AWD.


The GV60 is instantly recognisable as a Genesis with similar design elements to the larger GV80.

The “Two-Line Quad Lamps” are a Genesis trait.  Given this is an EV car it lacks your typical grille. Although there are darkened vents to help cool the high-perfromance batteries in between the wheels.

Genesis ditched the Hyundai badge ages ago via a wing style emblem. For the GV60 the luxury crest is now smaller with the thickness of the emblem reduced by nearly 80 per cent.

The bonnet fetaures a clamshell design, one that uses a single pane that covers the front-end and wheel-arches.

The side-on view is closer to a coupe than a crossover style-SUV.

It does look impressive, I do like that chrome piece of trim that flows from the windshield to the rear C-pillar.

The big party trick is digital side mirrors. There are two cameras where convention normally dictates an actual mirror should be.

Instead there are two monitors inside providing a video feed. I guess this will end the issue of fogged up mirrors, but no doubt you are probably thinking what I am.

Is this just tech for tech sake?


The interior is pretty wild, but not as simple and deliberately sparse, such as a Tesla Model 3.

There’s this thing called a “Crystal Sphere”. This jewel looking device is described as a sphere-shaped Shift By Wire (SBW) that intuitively informs drivers when the vehicle is ready to drive”.

I’m not sure I know what that even means yet.

The magical Crystal Sphere is the life and personality of the party. When you activate the car it rotates revealing the SBW, starting an ambient light show.

The Crystal Sphere is said to
“provide an emotional connection with the driver while indicating driving status”.

This is a car we’re talking about still… I think.

Genesis has used an instrument cluster and centre console screen similar to the Mercedes-Benz plank or MBUX system.

It’s wide and slim and certainly adds a sense of occasion.

Bowen’s Report Card

It should be noted that all of the above include specifications and features for the Korean-market. We await Aussie spec details soon!