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From Late June




Rolls Royce Extended Ghost Glides Into Australia

September 24, 2020

One of the highlights of my life was driving a Rolls Royce, two in fact. A $747,860 Ghost Series II and a $790,450 Wraith. These vehicles are at the absolute pinnacle of the entire automotive word. Today we learn a new variant named the Ghost Extended” is now available to local customers.


As with any Rolls Royce a V12 must sit under the bonnet. The 6.75-litre twin turbocharged V12  produces 420kW and 850Nm of torque.

Australia is part of a handful of Asia Pacific nations to receive this new beast. The extended model has more legroom, in fact 170mm more than the standard Ghost. There’s a champagne fridge for those in the rear, I’m tipping it will never be full of Yellow Glen. But such is the attention to detail Rolls Royce consulted with a Master Sommelier. What they learned was that non-vintage Champagne is around six degrees centigrade and vintage Champagnes is around 11 degrees centigrade. So, the fridge has dual cooling modes.

Sometimes you read about features and think, this is just BS PR. Someone tried to tell me once the Audi A7 was designed with a boat in mind. No matter how long I looked, I never saw any hint of a boat.

But when Rolls Royce want to do some chest beating, you know it’s 100 per cent true.

The Ghost comes with a Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS), you could easily self-isolate in this beast while looking at other humans driving their lawn mowers. Rolls Royce is so determined to keep the outside out that around of 100kg of acoustic damping materials virtual locks out all noise.


Value For Money

If you need to ask this, you either don’t have enough money or you’ve had a very big night ram-raiding ATM’s


Laser headlights send a beam 600-metres ahead of you, I’ve seen this technology on the BMW M850i. I tried to take a picture of the headlights, that’s about smart at death staring an eclipse. Key safety enhancements include vision assist with day and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning, alertness assistant, a four-camera system with panoramic view, all round-visibility and helicopter view, active cruise control, collision warning, cross traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning. An industry-leading 7×3 high definition head-up display and self-park ensures absolute effortlessness whatever the driving conditions.

The above is great, because if you crash one of these things there’s a 99 per cent chance you’ll be a nationwide news story.

How much is it? Well the Ghost Extended starts from $740,000. But given the bespoke nature of these cars, the options can skyrocket way beyond that. No two Rolls Royce’s are the same.



Bowen’s report card

How much is it? Well the Ghost Extended starts from $740,000. But no one will ever walk out of a dealer with a stock Roller.